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Staff Contacts

Vista Del Sur staff contacts are below. Click on the staff member’s name to be directed to their class webpage if available.

Grade/ Area Name Email
Principal Jessica Epacs
Assistant Principal Bill Stewart
Secretary Erica Hernandez
Attendance Clerk Sofia Espinoza
Receptionist Angelica Andre
Health Office Liliana Garcia
Instructional Coach Emily Page
Instructional Coach Kristin Melton
Cafeteria Manager Veronica Rodriguez
Counselor Delvina Kirk
Psychologist Michael Martinez
Resource Mary Mayne
Preschool Audrey Padilla
Preschool Katheryn Wise
Preschool Lynda Jackson
Kindergarten Janet Cortez
Kindergarten Audrey Padilla
Kindergarten Gabriella Alvarado
Kindergarten Tauheedah Hix
1st Grade Tamara Wyatt
1st Grade Kelsey Gagnier
1st Grade Rebecca Mungillo
1st Grade Kennedy O’Brien ko’
2nd Grade Susan Gates
2nd Grade Jamie Hawk
2nd Grade Alyssa Anderson
2nd Grade Grace Schenk
3rd Grade June Chambers
3rd Grade Rebecca Ruiz
3rd Grade Beatriz Gonzalez
4th Grade Danielle McKay
4th Grade Kassey Rysdyk
4th Grade Tracy Vega
5th Grade Nina Erler
5th Grade Jose Cruz
5th Grade Robert Dolecki
6th Grade Cristin Allen
6th Grade Jason Evangelista
6th Grade Robert Vaughn
7th Grade-ELA Sarah Mungillo
8th Grade – ELA Matthew McDuff
7th – Math Jessica Ackley
7th/8th Grade – Science Kerri Palmer
8th Grade- Math Matthew Downs
7th/8th Grade – Social Studies Briana Wright
Spanish Angela Matute
Music Cleo Simpson
P. E. Jacob Neill
P. E. Peyton Farina
Art Emma Salger
Gifted Kate Garis
Band Laura Wolfe
Library Angelica Berastegui
Speech Pathologist Stephanie Romero